8 CEUs / 1 DAY



Learn to evaluate the muscular compensation in any horse, regardless of breed, age or discipline.


When the horse feels discomfort, or pain, automatically he adjusts his gait and develops muscular compensation in order to avoid that problem and to maintain optimal performance.

This course teaches you to recognize the various signs of muscular compensation at rest and at any other gait. This unique knowledge, combined with your massage skills, will assist you in maintaining your horse wellness and fitness level at its best.

This course is based on the book "Equine Muscular Compensation, A Study", the most complete book on the subject and contains information you cannot find anywhere else! You will learn about:

  • The basics of the equine myofascial system.
  • The basics of equine kinesiology, the study of movement.
  • The basic gaits of the horse.
  • The external lines of compensation with the diagonal, transverse and sidelines of compensation.
  • The internal line of compensation and their influence on the horse’s center of gravity.
  • Detailed information on each individual muscles and its role when in compensatory mode.
  • Precious information on common problems and their compensation pattern.

This course will improve your understanding of the horse’s overall balance at any gait and will develop your skills and confidence in evaluating the equine muscular compensation phenomenon. It will contribute to your overall horsemanship expertise.  This in turn will definitely improve the quality of your massage application and its lasting benefits.

This course provides the information you need to upgrade your skills and stay competitive in your field.

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