18 CEUs / 2 DAYS





Learn to evaluate the fitness of any horse
regardless of age, breed or training.


This course will educate you in developing selective palpation skills for a unique 25 point palpation routine that will allow you to assess the fitness, strengths, and weakness of any horse regardless of his age, breed and discipline. The results found from this technique application will allow you to market yourself in two new ways:

  • You will be able to give a good report to any of your client on the fitness of their horse. This approach will help you better explain to your client about his horse actual aptitudes which in turn will help better customize the training program, identify signs of strain, and provide better care for that horse.
  • If your client wants to buy a horse, this technique will help you pre-assess prospects before getting the complete veterinary examination. When looking at several horses prospects, it would save your client a fair amount of money.

This course is based on the book "Fitness Evaluation of the Horse". With step-by-step instructions and almost 200 photos and drawings showing the proper positioning and approach for each technique, you will learn:

  • Hand palpation skills and simple stretching exercises
  • A Riding Evaluation Program (REP) that helps you identify abnormalities in gaits, tight muscle groups or sore joints, and more
  • A Palpation Evaluation Program (PEP) in which you use your fingertips to pinpoint problems
  • How to perform an assessment of the horse‚Äôs musculoskeletal system, with twenty-five points on each side.
  • You will learn to palpate the entire spine.
  • You will learn to palpate the entire thorax.
  • You will learn to palpate the entire forelimb.
  • You will learn to palpate the entire hind limb.

This hands-on course will fine tune your palpation skills, your knowledge of conformation, and your overall understanding of the horse kinesiology. This will improve your massage performance, and enhance your relationship with your client and their horse(s).

This course provides the information you need to upgrade your skills and stay competitive in your field.

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